Tampa Bay Area Roofing Testimonials.

Roofing Tampa has brought us many happy customers and we have been happy to serve yoou. Our new testimonials page is coming soon Tampa! We're located: 301 W Platt St Suite 164 Tampa, FL 33606


"Dear Chris and Patrick and Entire Bayside Team;

Please accept this note of recommendation for Bayside Roofing Professinals, Inc.; Feel free to submit it to prospective customers as desired: I couldn't have been more pleased with the courtesy, professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by each
of your employees and management . After getting 6 quotes from competing roofing contractors in the Tampa Bay Area, the decision to hire Bayside was a true no-brainer. From the first quote to the collection of my final paperwork and also release of lien, the people at Bayside went far beyond my expectations."

Roofing Tampa gives us joy...

"Jeff, Bayside’s estimation guy set an uplifting tone by agreeing to provide a quote within one day of my first inquiry. Once he was on site, Jeff performed an inspection of my existing roof, took measurements and also it's dimensions for the quote too. As he did this he carried a bucket of roofing cement to fix any known or potential surface problem spots to guarantee my roof would not leak until the finishing of the reroofing.

What a guy! Also, even though my job site and Bayside’s address being more than 15 miles away from my home, Jeff agreed to meet me ¼ mile from my house to discuss the initial quote and contract. (Thank you for going all to assist the customer). "

We're roofing Tampa by the book...

"Once I had an ample amount of time reviewing the options and new roofing codes, I chose to hire Bayside right then and there.
As assured by Jeff during the presentation of my contract, their professional management team promptly filed all the papperwork required including the Notice of Commencement, the permit, a proof for company's insurance coverage and their estimated work date. Thank you for sticking by this crucial part of this projects terms."

We only are roofing Tampa the Professional Way...

"I am completely impressed by the professionalism and competency of this Bayside work team during their completion of the wor keach day, especially the tear-off, dry-in and finishing aspects for the project. Bayside’s entiremanagement stopped by the job site to ensure customer happiness and proper workmanship and on-site management. Each of these management leaders was outstanding! (From Chris Senior to Chris Junior and of course both Jeffs (one was the foreman)). The work team was on time, efficient, amicable and complete. After finishing, the job site was cleaned without exception including a thourough magnetic sweep."

When roofing Tampa we get to make others happy...

I am unable to further exclaim how happy I am with this entire management staff.! Thanks for providing great work!! I will refer you to my friends and family along with my businesspartners. I invite any person to contact me via email or telephone should you shoose to do so, just ask these guys for my contact details.

Sincerely yours,
Adam Nebrich

Roofing Tampa has given us much joy- Thanks Tampa!

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